By using the latest technologies, we are able to deliver a superior product.
    These technologies include:
  • Multi-blades gang saw machine for block cutting.
  • Block cutter.
  • Two computerized water jet cutting machine that can cut decorative designs, geometrical designs and logos on Marble, Granite, Brass and steel sheets as per the drawings. It can cut 400 to 700 LM per day depending on the design, and achieve a slice thickness of 2 mm with metals, 5 mm with granite, and 7 to 5 mm with marble materials.
  • Two CNC wire machine.
  • An automated flaming and Sand Blasting machine has an operational capacity of 100 per day, allowing treatment of rough texture finishes for Marble and Granite.
  • An automated polishing Line for Tiles that has a capacity to polish 150 sq. mt per day.
  • Two automated computerized CNC Profiling machine that cuts, carves, and embosses any shape or letter on Marble and Granite. The production capacity depends on the complexity of the design. For example, it takes 2 to 3 days to carve out a reasonably complicated design from a block of marble 30 cm x 90 cm x 20cm in height.
  • Multi functional manual units used to shape and polish internal and external contours with or without template on every kind of profile, sink cutout, recess drains, frame works, skirting boards, grooves (inclined and flat), slots on edges (straight or shaped) and rounding works.
  • Resin treatment of Marble Slabs by using special ovens for dehydrating, resulting in speeding the resin solidification.
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